DWP2Photography is simply something I enjoy doing, for me it’s a relaxing and enjoyable job and pastime that’s both rewarding and challenging.

I do a lot of event photography for a living, with the images used to promote and support events throughout Queensland. Photographing events is a form of street photography, you never know who or what you will photograph, but you go looking for images that will represent the event and the people attending. I guess that’s where a large part of my experience has come from.

As with most photographers, we tend to photograph our surroundings, for me that happens to be South East Queensland, rural landscapes, sunsets, night photography, Toowoomba city spaces, gigs and bands, and the odd street photography.

If you need somone to photograph your business, event, band, house, family, garden or whatever, get in touch.

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If you have looked over some of my images and read this far, thank you!